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      Pearls exhibition Paris 2007

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Rings carved out of shells, XIII to XII BC, from Medio Assyrians, Mari civilisation

Necklace made out of shells, about -1300 -1150 BC 
found in actual Syria recent bronze age

 Bracelet carved out of a shell-2600 to -1700 BC found in 1908 in Suse

 Child bracelet in opus interrasile, sapphires, pearls in gold, Roman world of the IV century AD, found in Syria

Earrings from Roman world I to III century AD,emerald, garnet and pearl Necklace found in Rouen, France, emeralds, pearls and gold, middle of III century AD Earring from Lombard art (actual Italy), VII century, gold, pearls, enamel and glass
Visigoth art (actual Spain, France) VII century, found near Tolede in 1861, Guarrazar treasure, glass, gold, pearl

Reliquary clasp to close a book, from Bohemia (actual part of Czech Republic, central Europe), XIV century, silver gold plated, enameled, engraved, pearls and stones

Pendant, XVI century, enameld gold setting on an antique cameo carved by Sostratos (a greek architect 1st century BC), with baroque pearl at bottom
Pendant : enameled gold and pearls, XVI century
Pendant of a triton, enameled gold, pearls Italy, XVI century Brooch, enameled gold with pearls, XVI century Dragon pendant from Spain, baroque pearl, XVI century
Enameled gold and pearl, Paris, middle of XVII century, a dove pendant with natural baroque pearl
 Earrings, spanish, enameled gold and pearls, XVII century
Popes' portaits, wax, pearl seeds, fine stones and glass, given by french king Louis the XV in 1755
French Queen Marie-Antoinette natural pearls necklace XVIII
French Empress Eugenie earrings, natural pearls, middle of XIX century
1880 Natural pearl brooch
1860 pearl and diamonds brooch
Necklace, gold, silver, rosecut diamonds , pearls and black enamel,French designer Simon Petiteau, jeweler Pierre Caillot, made 1825-1838
Lalique Art nouveau enameld gold and baroque pearl 1900
Cartier natural Persian Gulf pearls festoon necklace 1911
1935 Raymond Templier Art Deco brooch with natural pearl
Faux pearls brooch by ROGER Jean-Pierre for Christian DIOR, 1960 costum jewelry
Jean Vendome, Paris, designer necklace with pearls from various origins, 70'

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